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Kemzy Dayo
The International Symposium on Indigenous Communities and Climate Change brought together scholars, journalists and activists to explore the impact of climate change on Indigenous communities throughout the Americas and Russia.


Kemzy Dayo
The Franklin Institute, which has recognized scientists and engineers for 194 years, has awarded Frances Arnold and John Hopfield two of their highest honors.


Kemzy Dayo Yesterday, 06:15PM · Tags: princeton university - home
Kemzy Dayo
Fred Greenstein, professor of politics, emeritus, and one of the nation's leading experts on the American presidency, died at home in Princeton, New Jersey, on Dec. 3.


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Kemzy Dayo
Yiyun Li, professor of creative writing, reflects on novels that have a special vitality for her, why literature should make readers feel uncomfortable and teaching at Princeton.


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Kemzy Dayo
Indira Lakshmanan, executive editor of the Pulitzer Center, and counterintelligence specialist Asha Rangappa, Class of 1983, discuss critical challenges facing democracy today in the latest episodes of the "She Roars" podcast.


Kemzy Dayo
A delegation from the University of Tokyo visited Princeton to mark the universities' international partnership and to continue to strengthen ties between the institutions.


Kemzy Dayo
Alexandra Day, the vice president for public affairs at The Juilliard School in New York City, has been named Princeton’s deputy vice president for alumni engagement in the Office of Advancement, effective January 31.


Kemzy Dayo
Four Princeton faculty members came together for a Nov. 30 panel discussion in which they talked about environmental topics and issues against the backdrop of selected works from the exhibition "Nature's Nation: American Art and Environment" at the Princeton University Art Museum through Jan. 6. The event was hosted by the Princeton Environmental Institute and the art museum.


Kemzy Dayo
Slimy, hard-to-clean bacterial mats called biofilms cause problems ranging from medical infections to clogged drains and fouled industrial equipment. Now, researchers at Princeton have found a way to cleanly and completely peel off these notorious sludges. The collaborative work bridges molecular biology, materials science and mechanical engineering.


Kemzy Dayo
The 2018 Nobel laureate in chemistry and 1979 Princeton alumna Frances Arnold discusses her research and how her Princeton education shaped her approach to engineering.


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