About uniXclusive

Brief History

uniXclusive started as a small agency group far back 2014 as uniSeeker with a mission to help students secure admission abroad. Over a period of a year the agency has gradually evolved to what we now call uniXclusive, which offer an on-line social networking service among other services to improve a college student life. We pride ourselves as the #1 versity social network connecting students in higher institution across Africa and abroad.

Currenly, uniXclusive is part of a very small comapany (with great vision), Kepp Global Technology. The company is focused on providing technology-oriented services to both individual and corporate bodies.

Our Mission

uniXclusive’s mission is to give student the chance to make colleges all over Africa open and connected. Student can use uniXclusive to stay connected with friends and know what is going on in different colleges. We don't just stop there, uniXclusive insist that students pay less for goods and services than a regular working class individual using the uniXclusive discount card.

uniXclusive in the Media

uniXclusive has been a subject of media buzz since inception and has attracted attention of various blogs and social media outlet. Below is a couple of them.

  • http://www.techrez.com/unixclusive-introduce-students-discount-card/
  • http://guruscoded.com/pay-less-for-goods-and-services-with-unixclusive-discount-card/
  • http://www.ewtnet.com/2015/06/why-smart-businesses-should-embrace.html


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