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Jagex's runescape gold for sale efforts to tackle farming had removed 90% of the problem, said Mr Gerhard."They were going directly after the user credentials and trying to get at the wealth that way," he said."Players invest years of time and effort into developing their Runescape character so the theft of a Runescape account shouldn't be treated differently to the theft of any other valuable possessions such as a games console, television or car," he said.Alisdair Faulkner, a computer security expert at ThreatMetrix, said it was seeing many more hi tech thieves turn to stealing virtual rather than real goods.Virtual goods were much easier to launder and dispose of than tangible items such as flat screens and computers, he said. It was a particular problem in Asia where the sales of virtual game goods were well established.Many thieves stole credentials from networks of hijacked home computers known as botnets or used them as proxies to make the theft look like it was coming from a legitimate source."For some of these botnets their sole purpose is to act as a gateway to help fraudsters," he said.ISPs, merchants and other firms were using ways to pierce a proxy and find out who was really in charge of it, said Mr Faulkner. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

As for control changes, the patch added a new controller preset. With this, players can now hold LT to aim down the sights, while third person aiming has been assigned to the left bumper. This new preset can be found in the options menu and includes a layout.

This caused the unlikely team of a mercenary conman and an outraged player to reverse Trading Places him. Zedrik Cayne was already being paid to troll Socratic (yes, professional game troll is a job now, welcome to the future) when Morin Blain set up a classic inside outside scam. Morin made friends with Socratic and suggested a cunning plan.

Le cahier de poesie the poetry book is a standard format exercise book required by every primary school child in France. Ninety four mixed pages, lined and blank. The lined for the pupil to copy out the text of a poem. But, can those companies pursue legal action? Not criminally against you, as I can see. However, they can TRY to sue you in civil court, alleging that they sold you a product and you breached by pulling back your promised payment. Your defense would be very easy A) I never ordered the product or B) the product was never delivered (either at all, or because the promise was usable fake gold and usable fake gold was was not delivered, only unusable fake gold, thereby THEY breached.

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