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provided comfort for the former Israelite refugees now living in Judah and a reason to hold Israel cheap runescape gold as a lost territory to be reconquered. Some national rivalry creeps in, as the Book of Kings consistently depicts the kings of Israel as worse than those of Judah, but even the kings of Judah generally get a bad press. It has been suggested that if there was a minority sect that held the

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"Yahweh only" views written in the Book of Kings and more generally in the Deuteronomic History as a whole, then that sect must have been at constant loggerheads with the kings of Judah. Those few Judahite kings who received a more favourable mention in Kings before the time of Josiah, are depicted as favouring the worship of Yahweh (God) before all other gods.

This includes Hezekia, who is said in the Bible to have attempted unsuccessfully to introduce monotheism. A different answer: not all of the kings after Solomon were bad. Some of them were very righteous, as stated in the book of Kings. Those who were not righteous were lax in various Torah laws, such as the prohibition against idolatry. (MORE)

Saadallah Wannous, an Arab playwright, wrote the play The Kind is the King in 1977. He as born in 1941 in a village near Tartus, Syria where he also received his early education. He then went on to study journalism in Cairo, Egypt. In the sixties, he wrote a number of one act plays and then went on to study theater in France.

Ignited by the Arab defeat in the Six day War against Israel, in he went on to write plays that focus on the Arab's political decline. He was the first Arab playwright to be selected by UNESCO and the International Institute of Theater to make an address during the International Theater Day on March 27, 1996. He died from cancer in Damascus, Syria at the age of 56 in 1997. (MORE)

I think in international terminology, it seems to refers whole Turkish people of Ottoman Empire.What is a Osman Turkwealth and the building program he initiated, particularly the temple, included in the list of the seven wonders of the ancient world. (MORE)

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