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Dodgers, Mariners and Yankees; the Dodgers and Red Sox make plenty of sense as a landing spot for Reed, and the Sawx, Cleveland and Seattle all could use Cabrera to upgrade their infields."Six and four, sometimes that's not good enough," Terry Collins said, letting some reality seep through his public optimism. "Eight and two is good enough."

(The Yankees could still wind up with Duda, or his Sunday counterpart Yonder Alonso of the A's, if the price drops low enough. Duda or anyone besides Reed or Cabrera, really could wind up as an August trade.)None of these trades will bring back the sort of talent to energize a fan base, as Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier did for the Yankees universe a year ago. This will not be a satisfying week for Mets fans in that vein.

The satisfaction, the Mets hope, that will keep this team above its 1992 and 2002 ancestors on the "all time disappointing Mets teams" lists, will be Rosario and, to a lesser degree, Smith. Rosario, who missed a sixth straight game for Las Vegas on Sunday yet intends to return to action shortly, will bring athleticism, excitement and optimism if all goes well. Rivera, with Jose Reyes playing a blend of Ben Zobrist and Yoda.

That vision awaits the Mets. For now, "Certainly the next week's going to be hard," Collins said. "I will do the best I can to try to keep their mind on the game and [not] worry who the trading talks are about."The Mets dropped to 2 7 in Sunday afternoon home games, yet this marked the only one of those seven losses in which they kept the game remotely close. Rafael Montero pitched respectably, offering another signal that he might actually have value moving forward.

Now, the whole organization moves forward. Even as it's almost certainly too late to achieve the top goal of 2017, it's not too late to make something of this season. You didn't want to see such an ambitious club enter Phase 2. But it'll be here when the Mets return home.

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